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Maria Pretzler

Maria Pretzler

Welcome to Working Memories.

I am a lecturer in Ancient History, with a specialism in ancient Greece from the Archaic period (sixth century BC) to the Roman Empire (c. 2nd century AD).

Antiquity will play a role in this blog, but I’d especially like to demonstrate how intensive study of the ancient world can inform ways of looking at what is going on around us. I am particularly interested in the ways in which memory is shaped, created and changed, and how these memories, individual and collective, are shaping the landscape around us. As an example, read this post which explains the header picture.

My other great passion is politics: I joined the Liberal Democrats soon after the general election of 2010 and the subsequent formation of the coalition government: watching and experiencing politics has been quite a roller-coaster ride ever since! I follow a wide range of issues in UK politics; main interests at the moment include university policy, immigration and citizenship, housing and electoral reform.

Thanks for visiting – I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say!




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