Moderation Policy and other legal stuff

Comments will only be published once they have been moderated.

I am happy to accept most comments, including criticsm of my views, but I am not going to engage with purely negative attacks from anonymous posters  who do not provide a plausible name or a consistent on-line identity.

Anonymous comments with a constructive contribution to make to the discussion, even if it is critical, will continue to be posted. Libellous comments or remarks I think may be libellous will not be published. If you persist in repeating yourself I may get bored and reject your comment.

I will also not tolerate impersonation so please do not add comments in the name of real people unless you are that person.

Spam will also not be published. Write something that obviously reacts to the blog post and don’t include dubious links in your post or profile, and your post will have a good chance not to be mistaken for spam.

  • Views expressed in blog posts are mine (unless clearly marked as other people’s views). They should not be assumed to reflect the views or any organisations to which I am affiliated.
  • I do not accept any responsibility for the content of any websites linked from this blog nor should such be implied by my linking to them.
  • The views expressed in the comments are those of the poster in question, not mine.  They are published to provoke debate and their publication should not be takem as an endorsement by me.

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