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A Racism Row We Didn’t Need

Sometime yesterday evening, Diane Abbott, in a twitter conversation with her constituent Bin Adewunmi, expressed a rather insensitive view: Once the tweet was spotted, there was no halting the row.  Diane Abbott in thoughtless hyperbole shocker. As if she had never said something … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Populist Right (part 2)

Part 1 – Immigration and Integration – why not? The rise of the right in continental Europe clearly has a lot to do with a failure of politics – but it is also closely linked to immigration, and I believe that … Continue reading

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A few words on the UK Citizenship Test

On Monday Prime Minister Cameron gave a speech on immigration. There is a lot I might say about this speech, much of it rather grumpy, but I’d like to concentrate on one short passage – his plans for the UK … Continue reading

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