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Private University Fail (with a dose of political corruption)

The Austrian edition of last week’s Die Zeit (51/2011) contained an article on such a blatant example of a private university gone wrong that I decided to translate the whole article in order to give it a chance of some exposure.  My … Continue reading

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Wolf in Shadow Chancellor’s Clothing

In an interview with the Independent yesterday Ed Balls has made the LibDems a not-so ‘big, open and comprehensive’ offer, asking them to cross the floor and to join Labour in a coalition. I think it would be much better now … Continue reading

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Atheism vs. Religion: can’t we have a sensible debate?

I am posting this as a reaction to a few debates I got involved in recently, including one earlier today. My thoughts on these issues are still rather at a very early stage of development (and I daresay it shows), but it’s … Continue reading

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Vaclav Havel – Kim Jong-il – Christopher Hitchens

Sometimes history hands you odd juxtapositions, as has happened just now with the deaths, within a few days, of Christopher Hitchens, Vaclav Havel and Kim Jong-il. Three deaths that make you think about conscience, freedom of speech and the choices … Continue reading

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